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How to play guide for Ni No Kuni II

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Kingdom Management

Building and Development Facilities






Nobody knows who put them there or when, but the mysterious stene monuments known as waystones can be found all over the world.

(Misses Ingame Tutorial entry 2 and 3)

Source: Ingame Tutorial.



While (L1) is held, the character you are controlling will block incoming enemy attacks. This will limit movement, but will also reduce the amount of damage taken.

(misses the second part of the ingame tutorial)

Locking onto Enemies

By pressing (R3) and locking onto a specific enemy, you'll be able to concentrate your attacks on a target of your choice.

Melee Attacks

Close-range attacks are divided into two types:

-Quick, light attacks performed with Ps control4.png.
-Slower, heavier attacks performed with Ps control3.png.

The amount of damage inflicted will be dictated by a combination of the attacking character's melee attack strenght, and the defending character's physical defense.


L ps control.png + L1 ps control.png can be used to nimbly evade an attack. While evading, you'll be briefly invulnerable, so if you time things just right, you can escape powerful onslaughts unscathed.

Ranged Weapons

Battle Area

When battle begins, the Battle Area will be established, and you will be temporarily unable to move outside that area until you have defeated all enemies and won the battle.

To escape from battle, move to the edge of the area. The Escape Gauge will fill, and eventually you'll be able to flee. Returning to battle or taking damage will reset the gauge.

Battle area.png Battle area2.png
(Source: Ingame Tutorial, during the Quest: The Search for the Sewers)

Dealing with Airborne Enemies

Some monsters can fly, making them tricky foes to deal with, as it won't be possible to hit them with regular melee attacks while they're in the air.

(Misses the second Ingame Tutorial entry.)

Ranged attacks from guns, wands, etc. can also be useful in this situation, and certain skills are also effective against airborne enemies.

Dealing with airbourn enemies.png Dealing with airbourn enemies2.png
(Source: Ingame Tutorial)

Weak Spots

Realmwreckers are Kingmakers that have lost control of their enormous power, and run wild as a result. This power escapes from them in bright, glowing bursts.

The points from which this energy escapes are particularly vulnerable to attacks, so if you focus your assault on them, you'll deal a lot more damage. (Source: Ingame Tutorial)

Tactic tweaker.png Tactic Tweaker

Just as Lofty says, the Tweaker is a very special stone tablet that can have all kinds of interesting effects on how you do battle. You can access it from the main menu. (Source: Ingame Tutorial)

Skills and the Zing Effect

  • Hold R2 ps control.png to open the Skill Palette. Use Ps control1.png, Ps control2.png, Ps control3.png, or Ps control4.png to activate the skill assigned to that button.
  • Using a skill will consume a set amount of MP. Each character has a different amount of MP, represented by the MP gauge, that will gradually refill as you attack enemies.
  • Furthermore, if the Zing Gauge of the weapon you're using is full when you activate a skill, the effect of that skill will be boosted, and may even be different altogether.
  • Activating the Zing effect in this way will reset the Zing Gauge to zero, so it's a good idea to keep a weapon with a full gauge in reserve so you can swap it in when needed.

Skills.png Skills3.png