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Some Higgledies dancing

Higgledies are small magical creatures and allies of the party of Evan. The game starts with three different Higgledies, but Evan and his friends can unlock more in their adventures. To unlock more of them, the friends must find the Higgledy Stones in every area.

Higgledies are introduced when Evan and Roland reach Auntie Martha during the game's second chapter. Once Evan has started his new kingdom, he can build a Higglery and craft Higgledies.

List of Higgledies

Some of them can be found, but some are also crafted.

Higgledies Abilities


Getting your Higgledy friends to help

(From the ingame tutorial)

  • During battle, Higgledies will automatically back you up by attacking, defending, healing and performing various other actions based on their type.
  • Sometimes, they'll give you the go-ahead to issue special orders that will see them perfom incredible super-powererd skills. Just run up and press Ps control2.png to activate them.
  • Certain other Higgledies will allow you to absorb them by holding down the button for your character's spells and abilities, thereby changing and improving their effects.

Higgledy Locations



Rolling Hills

Northern Islands


Makronos Islands



Frost Planes


Cook up Higgledies