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In Ni No Kuni II, young King Evan can recruit 103 Citizens for his Kingdom. Nearly all of them add a special skill and can be unlocked by completing side quests. Most citizens can be employed at various facilities to gather materials, carry out research, or perform a specialized function. Their skills may enhance their speed at gathering materials or their effectiveness at a certain facility.

Citizen Skill Levels

As the skill level of citizen increases, their Attributes increase. Citizens must gather experience to level up. This is obtained by carrying out research at a facility, gathering resources, or when stationed at the Sage's Salon.

  • Beginner
  • Veteran
  • Master

List of Citizens

No. Name Species Homeland Occupation Skill
1 Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum n/a n/a n/a n/a
2 Roland Crane n/a n/a n/a n/a
3 Tani Humanfolk Sky Pirates' Base Sky Pirate Dowser's Instinct
4 Batu Humanfolk Sky Pirates' Base Sky Pirate Bad Reputation
5 Leander Humanfolk Hydropolis Junior Consul Tactical Wizardry
6 Bracken Humanfolk Broadleaf Engineer True Brilliance
7 Lofty n/a n/a n/a n/a
8 Niall Greenling Forest of Niall Forest Owner Woodman's Eye
9 Auntie Martha Humanfolk Ding Dong Dell Higgledy Handler Head for Higgles
10 Khunbish Humanfolk Sky Pirates' Base Sky Pirate Sky Savvy
11 Chingis Humanfolk Sky Pirates' Base Sky Pirate Animal Magnetism
12 Munokhoi Humanfolk Sky Pirates' Base Sky Pirate Feel for Fruit
13 Gerel Humanfolk Sky Pirates' Base Shopkeeper All-Round Talent
14 Floyd Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Cook Kitchen Chops
15 Rumpel Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Veterinarian Animal Magnetism
16 Tabbias Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Soldier Nomad's Heart
17 Tyger Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Sword Sharpener Brute Strength
18 Furnest Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Writer Rover's Soul
19 Grampuss Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Engraver Creative Flair
20 Hansel Humanfolk Ding Dong Dell Gardener Inner Peace
21 Fitch Humanfolk Ding Dong Dell Blacksmith Spiffing Smithing
22 Crispin Humanfolk Ding Dong Dell Cobbler Creative Flair
23 Norbert Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Historian Sense of History
24 Klaus Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Merchant Business Sense
25 Ritter Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Tailor Nimble Fingers
26 Roden Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Architect Builder's Eye
27 Grimm Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Palace Guard Air of Danger
28 Raxel Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Mercenary Perfect Execution
29 Muriel Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Llapaca Herder Love of Llapacas
30 Persha Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Lady-in-Waiting Maid Sense
31 Moggie May Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Huntress Huntsman's Eye
32 Kitty Grimalkin Ding Dong Dell Baker Baker's Heart
33 Alice Humanfolk Ding Dong Dell Trainee Higgledy Handler Higgler's Instinct
34 Henny Humanfolk Ding Dong Dell Teacher Mentor's Instinct
35 Rosamund Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Pâtissier Pâtissier's Touch
36 Marlene Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Palace Sorceress Magic Touch
37 Grisella Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Mage Hedge Magic
38 Lady Trudy Mousekind Ding Dong Dell Farmer Emerald Fingers
39 Nu Bi Dogfolk Goldpaw Armorer Smith's Instinct
40 Bao Wao Dogfolk Goldpaw Miner Nose in a Million
41 Long Mein Dogfolk Goldpaw Trainee Guard Dogged Bearing
42 Fai Do Dogfolk Goldpaw Shield Maker Armorer's Instinct
43 Hau Ling Dogfolk Goldpaw Fortune Teller Astrologer's Gift
44 Ya Pi Dogfolk Goldpaw Soldier Deep Dedication
45 Da Xing Dogfolk Goldpaw Apothecary Cauldron Sense
46 Gao Jia Dogfolk Goldpaw Drill Sergeant Canine Smarts
47 Chi Pi Dogfolk Goldpaw Carpenter Builder's Eye
48 Bai Gon Dogfolk Goldpaw Veteran Soldier Canine Smarts
49 Li Li Dogfolk Goldpaw Fortune Teller Dispeller's Eye
50 Hoi Den Dogfolk Goldpaw Martial Artist Outdoorsiness
51 Yung Mein Dogfolk Goldpaw Trainee Guard Nose in a Million
52 Min Ti Dogfolk Goldpaw Sharpshooter Huntsman's Eye
53 Pi Chi Dogfolk Goldpaw Clothes Designer Nimble Fingers
54 Ah Chu Dogfolk Goldpaw Blacksmith Spiffing Smithing
55 Yu Kan Dogfolk Goldpaw Nursery School Teacher Green Fingers
56 Yo Ho-Ho Dogfolk Goldpaw Gambler Luck of the Devil
57 Yip-Yip Dogfolk Goldpaw Clothes Designer Hyperdexterity
58 Ketch Humanfolk Capstan-upon-Hull Shipbuilder Even-Keeled
59 Tiller Humanfolk Capstan-upon-Hull Shipbuilder Even-Keeled
60 Keeley Humanfolk Capstan-upon-Hull Shipbuilder Taste for Timber
61 Pontus Merfolk Hydropolis Oceanographer Pescological Nous
62 Mylas Merfolk Hydropolis Sorcerer Sorcerer's Instinct
63 Nereus Merfolk Hydropolis Musician Perfect Pitch
64 Thaumas Merfolk Hydropolis Sorcerer Sorcerer's Instinct
65 Proteus Merfolk Hydropolis Jeweler Prospector's Eye
66 Triton Merfolk Hydropolis Magical Scholar Scholar's Sense
67 Phorkys Merfolk Hydropolis Hydropolitan Guard Charisma
68 Filippos Humanfolk Hydropolis Hunter Outdoorsiness
69 Peleus Humanfolk Hydropolis Armorer Artisan's Arm
70 Glaucus Humanfolk Hydropolis Fisherman Fisher's Fingers
71 Speio Merfolk Hydropolis Trainee Priestess Metaphysicality
72 Halimede Merfolk Hydropolis Beautician Fertile Mind
73 Thetis Merfolk Hydropolis Doctor Cauldron Sense
74 Lycorias Merfolk Hydropolis Hydropolitan Guard Huntsman's Heart
75 Hipponoe Merfolk Hydropolis Artist Fertile Mind
76 Callianeira Merfolk Hydropolis Priestess Sacred Sight
77 Daphne Humanfolk Hydropolis Trainee Fisherwoman Fisher's Fingers
78 Helena Humanfolk Hydropolis Cook Adventurous Taste
79 Sibylla Humanfolk Hydropolis Diver Fisher's Fingers
80 Chip Humanfolk Broadleaf Magical Researcher Expert's Instinct
81 Drew Humanfolk Broadleaf Police Officer Dogged Bearing
82 Price Humanfolk Broadleaf Trader Business Sense
83 Oz Humanfolk Broadleaf Security Guard Indefatigability
84 Brodie Humanfolk Broadleaf Engineer Artisan's Arm
85 Kent Humanfolk Broadleaf Magical Ore Analyst Prospector's Eye
86 Trey Humanfolk Broadleaf Industrial Designer The Zip Effect
87 Eli Humanfolk Broadleaf Apparel Designer Sense of Style
88 Jared Humanfolk Broadleaf Special Constable Knack for Nutrition
89 Candy Humanfolk Broadleaf Environmental Researcher Fluency in Hig
90 Cindy May Humanfolk Broadleaf Security Guard Social Network
91 Krystal Humanfolk Broadleaf Magical Researcher Expert's Instinct
92 Brooke Humanfolk Broadleaf Programmer Technophilia
93 Briana Humanfolk Broadleaf Weapon Designer Feel for Steel
94 Kimmy Humanfolk Broadleaf Police Officer Charisma
95 Morgan Humanfolk Broadleaf Buyer Business Sense
96 Alexis Humanfolk Broadleaf Special Constable Perfect Execution
97 Francine Humanfolk Broadleaf Impresario Fresh Perspective
98 Andrew Robot Broadleaf Robot Technophilia
99 Sin-Gul Humanfolk ??? Bard Singularity
100 Dekkah Humanfolk ??? Geomancer Ex-ten-sive Insight
101 Senturi Humanfolk ??? Minstrel 100-Heartedness
102 Mileniyah Humanfolk ??? Professor Insider's Instinct
103 Tyran Humanfolk Lucky Country Bandit Swaggie's Swagger